Now or Never' RTVE Program: Report on the Lost Bread at the Hotel and La Terraza del Santo Domingo

Álvaro de la Lama, reporter of the RTVE program "Ahora o Nunca" (Now or Never), went with his recording team to the Hotel Santo Domingo. Although the objective of the report was the preparation of one of the sweetest and cheapest desserts, the Pan perdido, they could not leave without visiting the hanging garden and the waterfall that hides the Hotel, and without tasting the Pan perdido with the wonderful views of Madrid from the new gastronomic space, Balcón a Palacio de La Terraza del Santo Domingo.

Teresa Amigo, from the marketing and communication team accompanied Álvaro on his arrival at the hotel. Together they enjoyed the fantastic hanging garden that hides the Hotel, a real green lung in the middle of Gran Via.

Miguel Ángel García, the chef of Hotel Santo Domingo and La Terraza del Santo Domingo, took over the baton and, under Álvaro's watchful eye, prepared his secret recipe for Pan perdido (Lost Bread). A dish that was already made in Roman times.

Finally, the most desired moment of the day, the tasting of this delicious and economical dish, with a spectacular setting, the wonderful views offered by the Balcón a Palacio space of La Terraza del Santo Domingo.

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Hotel Santo Domingo Madrid @HotelSDmadrid
Monday, April 24, 2023 - 2:00am

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