The heat of the croquettes

Croqueta de jamón Ibérico

Today, Monday January 16, 2023, the cold snap in Madrid is here for the first time. However, we can still contemplate spectacular 360º views of the city in the Terraza del Santo Domingo because the space is covered and perfectly conditioned in winter with stoves.

The calendar also tells us that today is Blue Monday, a Monday that is supposed to be a little sadder for being one of the first after so many holidays.

The solution to all this is obviously CROQUETTES. We are reminded of this by the International Croquette Day, which is also celebrated today.

The menu of the Terraza del Santo Domingo offers the Chef's croquettes (prawns, tuna and cod) or the classic Iberian ham croquettes.

La Terraza del Santo Domingo @laterrazadelsd
Monday, January 16, 2023 - 11:08am

Rooftop terrace 7th Floor, Hotel Santo Domingo
San Bernardo, 1
28013 Madrid

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