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Potato and mayonnaise salad with king prawns

King prawns, potato and mayonnaise salad, wakame, pickled onion, tobiko

12 €
Marinated Salmon Salad

Romesco (traditional Catalonian sauce made with vegetables and nuts), smoked prawns, pine nut bisque, cherry tomatoes, kimchi mayonnaise

16 €
Chef's croquettes (8 units)

Shrimp, leek and cod.

Mini Tacos (3 units)

Pork in annatto sauce, pickled red onion, Julienne lettuce, sour cream

12 €
Andalusian style fried squid noodles

Squid, chive aioli 

16 €
Bao bread with squid slices

Squid, red chilli aioli mayonnaise, Chinese bread

14 €
Iberian cured ham toast

Iberian cured ham on tomato bread and arbequina olive oil

Marinated salmon toast

Salmon, with yogurt, honey, dill, mustard sauce

12 €
Iberian ham shoulder steak on toast with chimichurri sauce

Iberian shoulder steak on crystal bread and chumichurri sauce

14 €
Potatoes with three sauces

Potatoes cylinders, hot sauce, black aioli mayonnaise and kimchi foam

12 €


Confit cod shavings

Cod, roasted vegetables, kimchi foam, crispy spicy bread

18 €
Salmon with orange zabaione sauce

Salmon at low temperature, cherry tomatoes in soya sauce, fennel bulb

16 €
Grilled baby squid on confit onion

Confit onion, black garlic aioli mayonnaise

18 €
Confit duck rice

With horns of plenty and confit duck

18 €
Gorgonzola risotto

Shiitake mushroom, gorgonzola, pumpkin, walnuts

16 €
Oxtail ravioli

Purple potato confit, hummus

16 €
Ribs cooked at low temperature

Pork ribs, creamy potato and barbecue sauce

16 €
Boned suckling piglet cooked at low temperature

Suckling pig sauce, mashed potato, baby shoots

19 €
Carved veal loin
19 €
Au gratin wanton canneloni

Vegetable and tuna filling

16 €
Rib burger cooked at low temperature

Ribs cooked at low temperature, teriyaki sauce, tomato, lettuce and confit onion

Chicken burger

Confit chicken, sriracha sauce, tomato, lettuce and confit onion

14 €
Madrilenian stew

Soup, chikpea, vegetable, meat and chorizo

29 €
Side dish of French fries
3 €


Milk fried bread with apple, vanilla ice cream and toffee
7 €
Pain perdu, chocolate soup and condensed milk foam
7 €
Three textured chocolate
7 €
Carrot cake
7 €
Caramelized pineapple carpaccio and yogurt ice-cream
7 €
Mango fan with ice-cream
7 €
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Table service, aperitif and bread
2 €

Prices VAT included

Tasting Menu

Selection of croquettes

Iberian cured ham, praws, leaks and cod

Potato and mayonnaise salad with king prawns
Confit duck rice
Oxtail ravioli


29 € / person
VAT included
***Drinks not included

Rooftop terrace 7th Floor, Hotel Santo Domingo
San Bernardo, 1
28013 Madrid

Terrace: 1 pm to closing time
Lunch: 1 pm to 4 pm (no availability until October 1st 2021)
Dinner: 8pm to 11pm (Sun to Thu)
Dinner: 8pm to 12pm (Fri & Sat)
Opening hour and people by table subjects to change according to health regulations
New restaurant where you can enjoy lunch or dinner under the Madrid sky