Hanging Garden

A 2011 Record Guiness to the biggest hanging garden. A sustainable project that it favours biodiversity, it reduces the levels of pollution and it provides thermo-acoustic insulation

Santo Doming Hotel has a 1.000m2 Hanging Garden.

A small/great ecosystem, 2011 Guinness Record Winner for the largest hanging garden in the world.

It is a green lung within the Hotel made up of more than 2,500 plants.

An authentic piece of art whose foundation and constructive design was carried out by the architect Félix González Vela with a simple and practical solution.

If romantic myths are to be believed, it would be the nearest thing we have nowadays to the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Do you know how the Hanging Garden is held in place and how it is looked after?

It is held in place thanks to 300 lineal metres of scaffolding.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Due to its dimensions, watering is carried out through a dripping system in phases, depending on the location of the plants.

Given the Hotel’s commitment to sustainability and the fact that the garden surface is so big, a system has been installed that reuses the water from some taps and showers then purifies and filters it, creating an artificial 20-metre cascade that descends from the top.

A curious fact is that the garden has never been fumigated. Instead of insecticides and fungicides the Hotel supports the ‘integrated fight’, which means that predator insects are released.

What does this green lung provide to the city?

It favours biodiversity. Some birds have also made a home in this ecosystem.

  • It reduces the levels of pollution by absorbing 25.000 kg of CO2 per year
  • It provides thermo-acoustic insulation
  • It reduces the temperature by 6 to 8 degrees (the equivalent of 50 air-conditioning devices)
  • It produces an amount of oxygen similar to that consumed by 200 people a day


A living project in constant flux, lovingly maintained by landscapist Manuel Pasquín.

It is so impressive that the TV channel Antena 3 visited us to film a report. Do want to see it?


4 actions to promote sustainability and energy saving.

  • By implementing these measures we play our small part:To absorb CO2

We have a Hanging Garden, a green architecture project that absorbs 25,000 kg of CO2 per year combining sustainability and decoration.

  • To heat water

We have installed 75 m2 of thermal capture tubes on the roof that provide 34% of the hot water the Hotel requires.

  • To recycle water

We have a recycling system that collects and treats the water from the hotel showers and basins to reuse it for watering the Hanging Garden, amongst other things.

  • To reduce energetic consumption

All hotel lighting devices are power efficient and include a turn-on turn-off system to avoid unnecessary waste of electricity.


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